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Making working on your mental and emotional health as assessable and acceptable as working on your physical health.

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The Mind Gym is the social networking brain child of psychotherapist

Zoë Aston MSc NCAC SMMGP (accred) BACP (accred).

She believes that everyone should be encouraged to work on their emotional and mental health in the same way we work on our physical health.

Her therapy practices are in Harley Street and North London and she is part of the team at Charter Harley Street who lead the way by treating addiction in an outpatient setting.

You can book a face to face session with Zoë via the 'Book a Session' page or visit the Instagram page @the.mind.gym for some inspiration and motivation for your mental health workout.

Face to Face Therapy

"I just want to thank you so very much in getting me to a place that I haven't been in for decades (honestly).

Your wisdom, support & encouragement gave me the strength to face up to truths, feelings & fears that I had been too scared to face."

- AY - Received Therapy for Codepenence in 2017/2018.


"I found Zoe's empathic approach to counselling to be very useful, I had tried different types of therapies before but this was the right one for me. It made me feel supported and able to engage with issues I'd previously found difficult to discuss. Her help has been invaluable."  - SM LONDON


"I found Zoe online at BACP after my son attempted suicide, failed, praise be, and I needed to talk this through with someone.  Her initial email response oozed understanding so I chose her.  She was very understanding, kind, non judgemental but challenged appropriately when needed.  I cannot say enough good things about her, very professional.  I can recomend her without reservation."  - JJ London

“After 6 months with Zoë I was able to turn a life-long hurtful relationship with my mother, who has narcissistic personality disorder and used to drive me crazy, into a well-functioning loving one by setting very strong boundaries. I am also equipped with Zoë’s tools to maintain a life as a functional responsible adult.”  - Anonymous Trauma Client

"She was constructive, supportive and showed me a path to thinking more clearly about a challenging phase of my life." - Anonymous Anorexia Nervosa Client.


"Thank you for everything.  We dropped my daughter off at Uni last week.  She is so excited about this new phrase in ther life.  Many Thanks." - Mother of Anorexia Nervosa Client.


"Thank you for everything you've helped me with so far! I really appriciate it." -  Anonymous Trauma Client


Instagram Followers

"Since following your page I am now putting myself in recovery from the eating disorder I was in denial about. I have had a year of talking therapy, cbt, and self work after suffering with postnatal depression 3 years ago, and this journey highlighting that I have actually been suffering with anxiety and depression since my childhood. The last piece of me keeping some kind of control over my life was by counting calories. It wasn’t a problem... for a while, until it became a problem. All I could think about was calculating calories, frantically, tweaking weights of foods and tweaking calories to make it ‘fit’ with my self imposed rules I was exercising to counteract a ‘bad’ day, and have been struggling with binge eating for some time. I have told no one!"

"I just wanted to say thank you. I have learnt so much from you in a short time, and I realise now what the next stage of my mental health recovery needs to be. Onwards and upwards, thank you so much."

"I LOVE everything you are sharing Zoë. Its so important and so valuable. Thank you for putting yourself out there. We need more voices like yours! Happy Monday 🌸🌸"

"Hi Zoe, loved all the great posts this week, especially the anxiety one which I sent the link to a couple of my friends. The grief one was interesting as I've always thought of grief as losing someone, so the letting go part really evoked some thought around me hanging onto things maybe too much! 🙂

👌🏽 will do! You’re such an emotionally intelligent gifted and thoughtful soul (without being patronising!)"

"Makes me think I could do with therapy relating to the shame clip. I bury myself in being successful in my career probably to suppress some kind of toxic shame. Thanks for making it make a bit more sense xxx

Your sponsored post popped up in my feed and it piqued my interest! .. as it sounded similar to what I’m doing. (Kind of - ish) just watched a couple of your IGTV posts and it’s all wicked stuff! .. thanks for setting it up and best of luck with it all! 👍"

"😊 Can I just say a huge thank you for giving me the nudge I needed, your stuff has been so great that it’s nudged me to go a head and book in the EMDR, I start on Monday and have 7 sessions booked over 11 days, I’m feeling so hopeful 🙏🏼  Big thank you to all your doing Zoë 💟💜"


E: zoe@themindgym.one

IG: @the.mind.gym



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